What can a simple logo do ?

What can a simple logo do? How can it affect a business ? What is the effect of it on a brand value?

These are the common questions that arise when we think of logo design.In our article we will discuss and dissect the concept and importance of Logo design in building Brand value.

A logo is termed effective logo if it bears the following criteria’s :

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate

“Well-designed logos are the work of the designers. Successful logos imply the company’s use of the logo. A mediocre logo in terms of design quality can be used to good effect through a great mix of consistency and variation. The Coca-Cola logo is not, and never was, an outstanding design. However, it has been used with great ingenuity.”Per Mollerup

Key points why an appropriately designed Logo is important are:

  • It is the key element that defines your corporate identity.
  • It increases brand awareness, visibility of brand,puts your company brand ahead among competitors.
  • It provides the authenticity and gurantees your brand against counterfeiting.
  • It makes your brand standout and enforces the reliability a brand needs to have loyal customers.

Types of Logo Designing:

There are three basic types of graphic symbols —

  1. Logomarks
  2. Logotypes
  3. Combination marks

Let’s see what makes them stand out from each other

Combination marks: It comprises a wordmark and a symbol. At times a company slogan can also be incorporated into it.This process is popular because it advertises both your brand and icon at the same time.That is why it is the best option available for Wordpress websites and other platforms so much so that it accounts for nearly 70% of modern logos

Logomarks: This is one of the most dicey yet popular form of logo designing.It is an emblem that does not bear a text on it.Many successful brands nowadays use symbolic logos which are popular all over the world.But it also comes with a huge risk(for which which 5% of logos are logo marks) for the designer as it has to project the vision and purpose of the brand through image alone.That is quite tough as there are no slogans or word marks.

Logotypes: A chunk of global and famous companies use logotypes such as IBM,Disney,Yahoo,Google,Skype,Amazon and many more!What they lack are visual symbols instead they use font to communicate the brand name.Finding the right font style and color is the most difficult task here.The usability of such big brands itself proves it's popularity.

Now let us concentrate on the key factors that make a Logo stand-out in today’s Digital Marketing jungle.

  • Readability. What is the use of a logo if it's unreadable?So make it easy on the eyes with the right amount of color variation.Today logos are everywhere be it digital,billboards,hoardings or cards.So choose wisely so that it maintains it's visibility everywhere.

  • Uniqueness. Focus on making your logo stand out in the crowd of logos and design sectors.A unique corporate symbol gives your brand a identity and becomes face of the company.

  • Longevity. Never follow trends while designing a logo because sooner or later the trend will change.Focus on the relevance and durability.